On Roma

Adopted by the Federal Committee in Athens, Greece 2013


Concerned by the violation of the rights of European citizens of Roma ethnicity, as it goes against the spirit of international Human Rights conventions, the European treaties and the European Charter of Fundamental Rights;

Concerned by the inability of European institutions to make EU members states implement and respect the principles included in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights;

Concerned by the intolerant attitude of many European governments aimed at stigmatising ethnic or religious minorities, as well as creating a dangerous parallel between ethnic minorities and criminality;

Condemns  the use of mass expulsions within the EU territory, which is not only useless but especially against the principle of non-discrimination and the freedom of movement, both essential elements of the European Treaty;

Condemns the tendency promoted by some national governments to undermine the political independence of the European Commission and its accountability towards the European Parliament in order to put it under the control of the European Council and especially of larger members states;

Complains about the ambiguity of national governments which, on the one hand, accuse Europe of being unable to handle the problem of immigration and, on the other hand, deny European institutions, the democratic legitimacy, powers and means to act effectively;

Complains about the weak coordination at European level on migration issues and the absence of a common European policy on migration;

Considers that the European Commission has the right and the duty to act as "guardian of the Treaties", which entails the right to publicly express their thoughts through their Commissioners or even initiate infringement proceedings under the Treaties, in case a Member State has violated common obligations;

Reiterates the European character of the EC and the independence of the EU Commissioners from their countries of origin (art. 245 TFU);

Reiterates that, without unity of purpose between the Commission and European Parliament, the emergence of a democratic government of the EU will not be possible;

Reiterates that only a democratic government of the EU will be able to defend European citizens against some national governments' attempts at delegitimizing European law and to promote the historic task of the European Federation;

Considering all the above, JEF-Europe:

Calls upon the European Commission to assess the question of migrants and the Roma as a pan-European question and to act accordingly by proposing a common European policy on migration.

Urges the political groups within the European Parliament to implement the co-decision power of MEPs in this matter.

Calls for the strengthening of the protection of minorities.