JEF appeal for European elections

As adopted by the Federal Committee in Athens, Greece 2013


Bearing in mind the resolution “Towards a European election campaign” adopted by its Federal Committee in Copenhagen, October 2012,

Adopts the following Pact for a federal Europe to be proposed for support to the candidates to the European elections

Pact for a federal Europe

For the development of a European political life and true European elections JEF-Europe demands the European political parties to

  • define Europe-wide political programs and present candidates standing for European elections as representatives of European political parties,

  • develop Europe-wide campaign presenting their visions and proposals on the future of Europe and communicate them to local, national and European media,

  • nominate and promote their candidate for President of the Commission before the European elections,

  • Engage in TV and online debates with the different candidates for the Presidency of the Commission.

  • Also activate the individual candidate-MEPs to support their candidates for President of the Commission

For the elections of committed Members of the European Parliament

JEF-Europe demands the candidates to the 2014 European elections to

  • refuse to serve as a "locomotive " and to withdraw from Parliament once elected,

  • limit the accumulation of mandates to preserve the time required for a full and effective exercise of the MEP mandate,

  • commit to fulfill the mandate in a diligent way, i.e. to attend plenary sessions and committees as well as to tackle every issue in exclusive interest of Europe and its citizens

  • commit themselves to transparency towards citizens and to conduct educational work with the media and citizens to make the EP action visible and understandable to all,

  • commit to ensure a dialogue with national parliaments

For a European Parliament representing European citizens, not the European states

JEF-Europe expects from the incoming European Parliament to

  • defend European interests threatened by populism and strictly national interests,

  • defend the Community method and the European Parliament’s place in the decision-making process, recalling the spirit of 1979 and the proactive role of the European Parliament to achieve European unity,

  • support proposals directed to reinforce Parliament role as legitimate body, in particular in key issues under economic, fiscal, internal and international areas,

  • launch a new constitutional convention involving the civil society and charged with making the necessary change for an efficient federal Union restoring democratic confidence in the future of Europe.

Therefore, JEF-Europe,

  • asks the candidates for the 2014 European elections to support these proposals.

  • invites European citizens, (candidate) MEPs, officials and civil society to express their support to our Manifesto.