• JEF Policy is made by its members through resolutions passed by their elected representatives. They formulate key convictions and messages that provide inspiration to move away from the current political constellation in Europe and progress towards a true Federation.

TF Organisation

Task Force: Organisation

EB contact :

Christopher Glück - christopher.glueck@jef.eu

The TF Internal Organisation will focus mainly on three issues: firstly, on improving our internal communication culture by introducing modern communication tools and developing ideas on how internal debates should be structured. Secondly, it will focus on holding statutory meetings more efficiently and pleasantly by introducing clear and easy-to follow rules of procedure. Thirdly, it will gather techniques on how to involve more the local, regional and national JEFers in political debates and JEF Europe activities in general.

Outcomes and deliverables:

  • Review of internal communication means and recommendations to FC

  • Review of Rules of Procedure and recommendations to FC

  • Comment events calendar

  • Cooperation with TF Capacity Building on seminar for FC new members

TF steps and timeline:


Timeline proposed


Creation of TF

End of 2016 and ongoing

Start work after 8 January 2017

Find date for common skype

First month

Within January

Distribution of tasks and setting of internal deadlines

First Skype meeting

End of January

Proposal for calendar

3 months

Rome FC

Recommendations on internal comm and rules of procedure for consultation with

3 months

Early March, in time to consider ahead of Rome FC

Work Organisation:

The TF is chaired by Abdul Kerim Aydemir (abdul.aydemir@jef.eu), President of JEF Austria and longstanding JEF member. The work will be distributed in smaller working groups who present their results during Skype meetings of the whole TF. The main working method will be Skype and email. All information will also be on the facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/tf.organizations/

Resources and Requirements:

The Taskforce is looking for communication and tech-savvy members as well as JEFers who enjoy an analytical and creative approach and know the structures of JEF Europe. A size of 4-8 members willing to invest some time would be ideal.

Competence Development:  

Teamwork, working in a large organisation and consulting different organs, analytical and innovative thinking, insight in technical solutions for the management of large organisations.