• JEF Policy is made by its members through resolutions passed by their elected representatives. They formulate key convictions and messages that provide inspiration to move away from the current political constellation in Europe and progress towards a true Federation.

Capacity Building

Task Force: Capacity Building

EB contact :

Kevin Broby Kristiansen – Kevin.Broby.Kristiansen@jef.eu

Task force Capacity Building has the key role of supporting and facilitating the sharing of know-how and the building of capacities for JEF’s members. As such, it serves to unite our sections in diversity and expand their capacities.

The TF is supposed to manage JEF Europe’s knowledge-sharing tools and create two seminars per year ; one for capacity building of JEF members in local sections and one for the FC members, providing them with the tools necessary to make the most of their mandate.

Outcomes and deliverables:


This TF is expected to deliver the following :

●      One yearly capacity-building seminar for local JEF members

●      One yearly training for the FC members


TF steps and timeline:


Timeline proposed


Gathering of members

4 weeks

End December, 2016.

Preparing first capacity-building seminar

3 months

Seminar to be held in summer 2017

Preparation of first FC training

9 months

Seminar to be held post-congress

Streamlining knowledge-sharing to the JEF forum

3 Months

Preferably done before FC in Rome


Work Organisation:


The TF will meet monthly via Skype in order to prepare the seminar and the training. Furthermore, the streamlining and creation of knowledge-sharing documents will be discussed at these monthly meetings, too.

The TF will, in the drafting of documents utilise Google Docs.

Resources and Requirements:


TF Capacity Building requires no more than 4-6 members of which some preferably have experience with e.g. Erasmus+ funding and some degree of project management.

Time-wise, the work in the TF will be clustered around deadlines for e.g. funding applications and the actual preparation of the seminar/training.

However, there will be a more constant task in managing and updating the knowledge-sharing database, which requires more time in the beginning to establish, and then less time to manage in the future.

Competence Development:


The members of the TF will all gain greater insight in project planning and management. Furthermore, they will learn some technical skills when it comes to the development and management of the knowledge-sharing database.


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