• JEF Policy is made by its members through resolutions passed by their elected representatives. They formulate key convictions and messages that provide inspiration to move away from the current political constellation in Europe and progress towards a true Federation.

External Affairs and Global Governance (PC3)

“No single country is able to tackle today’s complex problems on its own,” says the 2003 European Security Strategy. We, as federalists, believe that only by acting united, Europe will be able to provide security to its citizens and punch at their weight on the international stage. Particularly with both, the Eastern and the Southern neighbourhood in turmoil,  it  is an urgent task to develop a united and coherent common EU foreign policy.

In our debate, we address how to strengthen the EU’s foreign policy to make the EU a global player, able to act with a single voice and to promote and protect its fundamental values.

The PC will discuss three issues. First, the institutional setup created by the different Treaties, including the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Common Security and Defence Policy. Secondly, the developments in European foreign, security and defence policy in terms of  its means for conducting an active European foreign policy and formulate proposals for federalist action. Thirdly, it will discuss relevant foreign policy issues, in particular the enlargement process, the European Neighbourhood Policy, and global governance.

Kevin Kristiansen and Benjamin Fievet

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Nov 24 2016

How can the EU react on hybrid challenges posed by Russian Foreign Policy

Resolution submitted by: Political Committee 3, Foreign Relations and Global Europe.

Category: Resolutions, PC3 - External Affairs and Global Governance, External Action, FC Cologne/Autumn 2016

Apr 14 2016

For a European solution of the refugee crisis and a new EU strategy in the Southern Mediterranean region

Resolution submitted by: JEF PC3 – Foreign Relations and Global Europe Many of the major challenges that the European Union is currently facing are coming from its neighbourhood. Conflicts and political turmoil in the...

Category: FC Krakow/Spring 2016, Defence, Democracy, External Action, Human Rights, Migration, Minorities, Security, Social Affairs, PC3 - External Affairs and Global Governance

Apr 13 2016

For a common European response to the Ukraine crisis and the Ukrainian transformation process

Resolution submitted by: Political Committee 3, Foreign Relations and Global Europe.The transformation process in Ukraine, starting with the Euromaidan revolution, demands a common response by all EU Member States and its...

Category: Resolutions, Democracy, Human Rights, Security, Enlargement, FC Krakow/Spring 2016, PC3 - External Affairs and Global Governance, Ukraine

Apr 21 2015

Managing immigration at European level

JEF Europe, Underlining that migrants have rights and duties, as stated in the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;Considering that the management of migration has...

Category: FC Uppsala/Spring 2015, Human Rights, Resolutions, PC3 - External Affairs and Global Governance