Edging closer to the abyss - JEF Europe regrets yesterday’s vote and now calls on British legislators to avoid no-deal outcome

Jan 16 2019 / News Press Release

Brexit has always been an ill-conceived and harmful idea, sold to British citizens in a campaign built on false promises, outright lies and disinformation and fueled on discontent that had little to...

Eurozone leaders miss the chance to fix the roof while the sun is shining

Dec 14 2018 / News Press Release

One year after the European Commission published a set of rather modest proposals to improve the institutional architecture of the Eurozone, leaders today agreed on an even more modest reform...

“Sad and alarming days” - JEF Europe Statement on the Central European University leaving Budapest

Dec 05 2018 / News Press Release

“These are sad and alarming days for Europe when a university sees its freedom hampered in a way that it cannot find itself home anymore in a Member State”, declares Leonie Martin, Vice-President of...

ALDE risks derailing Spitzenkandidaten process

Nov 21 2018 / News Press Release

Roughly half a year ahead of the European elections, Europarties start the process of choosing their candidate for the EU top job: the Presidency of the European Commission. The European People’s...

JEF Europe welcomes President Macron and Chancellor Merkel’s proposal for the creation of a European army and calls for leaders to make decisive steps towards its realisation now.

Nov 20 2018 / News Press Release

As long advocates for the creation of European armed forces, JEF Europe welcomes and supports the ambitious positions taken by the French President and the German Chancellor within the recent weeks...

Damage control in a losing game

Nov 15 2018 / News Press Release

JEF Europe calls upon both sides to accept the withdrawal agreement but reminds that there is no better deal than full membership in the European Union.

Press Release on the Referendum on the Name Agreement between Skopje and Athens

Sep 27 2018 / News Press Release

by JEF Europe, JEF Macedonia, and JEF Greece,As Young European Federalists we stand for a democratic European federation as a crucial ingredient for peace and a guarantee for a more free, just and...

Sargentini report: Rule of law reaffirmed as a fundamental value among European political parties

Sep 12 2018 / Press Release News

“Today’s vote gives hope of putting European values back at the centre of EU’s agenda,” - declares Leonie Martin, Vice President of JEF Europe.Today, the European Parliament has held a historical and...

State of Union 2018: Last chance of the 'Last Chance’ Commission

Sep 12 2018 / News Press Release

Today European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker delivered his annual State of the Union address - a speech which was rightfully anticipated as the ‘last chance’ for the President to leave its...

Disappointing European Council keeps Europe in stagnation

Jun 29 2018 / Press Release JEF-Europe News

This week’s meeting of European leaders once again failed to deliver solutions to the challenges Europe is facing today. “The Meseberg declaration reviving the Franco-German engine gave a sense of...