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The TNF is constantly looking for contributions from writers as well as new and active people to join its dynamic team! Contact us on via e-mail tnf(at)jef.eu and let us know how you would like to contribute.

NOVEMBER 2014: Call for Articles

As a new academic year begins, why not start contributing to www.thenewfederalist.eu with regular articles on European affairs? You could write on any of the following articles, or any other topic of interest:

1.The EU’s strategy against the outbreak of Ebola and development aid to West Africa. 

2. A worsening economy and active ECB: is the euro crisis back?

3.New Israeli Settlements and the Changing Stance of the EU towards Israel

4. Catalans voted for independence. Now, what?

5. The first steps of the new Belgian government

6. US midterm elections: goodbye sense and responsibility?

7. The Decade Long Nuclear Deal with Iran 

8. Pouring oil on fire: the UK's £1.7bn EU bill

9. Renzi’s Contentious Labour Reform

10. Freedom of circulation in the EU: Merkel says no to Cameron

11. The rise of Podemos: Spain's 5-star movement?

12. ECB stress tests: is Europe's banking crisis finally over now?

Interested? If so, please send a mail to tnf@jef.eu for further information on how to contribute!

Are you interested in...

• writing about European affairs and sharing your thoughts with a broader public?
• engaging in discussions with other Europeans?
• making a political analysis ofthe challenges Europe faces and contributing to finding solutions?
• using and improving your language skills in a European project?
• strengthening your CV with your involvement and your interest for European affairs?
• choosing the rythm and the amount of work?

...there are 3 ways to get involved:


Become a journalist!

• Suggest a topic for an article and submit your article on tnf@jef.eu. Spontaneous articles are always welcome!
• You can indicate your interest to receive in regular intervals our Call for Articles in which we suggest a number of topics that need to be covered.
• The Guidelines for Authors can be found here.

Become a translator!

• You should speak English proficiently plus at least one of the other languages in which the online magazine is currently published: French, German or Italian.
• You can decide which articles to translate from one of the language versions,in cooperation with the Editorial Board of the TNF, and submit them to tnf(at)jef.eu.
• You can also indicate your interest on this e-mail address in case you want to receive in regular intervals our Call for Articles to be translated.



Become an editor!

If you...
• are eager to improve your first-hand knowledge of the European institutions and policies while refining your editorial and writing skills?
• want to become active in leading the editorial line, elaborating calls for articles, reviewing the submitted articles and planning the editorial schedule?
• have past experience with the TNF or are interested in pursuing a career in journalism and you would like to contribute to the coordination of the work of the Editorial Board?



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