Statement on the Human Right to Privacy in the Digital Age

The JEF Europe FC has been presented for consideration a resolution designed to protect the human right to privacy in light of recent developments and controversy associated with digital technologies and the effects that they have had.

JEF Europe firmly believes that the human right to privacy is an important one, and that action should be taken as soon as possible due to re-negotiations over the General Data Protection Law. The challenges posed by technological changes are ones that we should formulate enlightened policies on so as to keep JEF ‘a generation ahead’.

In exploring this issue, JEF has found that it overlaps with many other parts of society and associated issues such as the general principles of democracy, innovation in industry and crime. Not to mention the rights of states, companies, intelligence services and other actors vis-à-vis the rights of individuals.

For this reason, JEF Europe will continue formulating a well-informed suite of policy proposals for JEF Europe to consider adopting at the Congress in Zurich, October 2015. For the time being, JEF Europe calls upon the Executive Board to defend the human right to privacy and, at least for now, to be charged with the responsibility for the interpretation of this.