[Press Release] JEF Europe objects to the proposed US ambassador to the EU

JEF Europe have been working for a free and united Europe for more than 50 years. European integration has made peace, prosperity and tolerance possible. Today, JEF, together with its thousands of members active in more than 35 European countries, pursues its efforts to reinforce this precious sense of community and is striving for greater democratic guarantees and solidarity among the European partners. 

Ted R. Malloch supported Brexit, is convinced that the Euro is doomed to fail and believes the European Union “needs a little taming”, comparing the peaceful association of nations for peace and prosperity to the Soviet Union. As such Mr Malloch is not only opposing everything JEF stands for, he is offending all democratic-minded Europeans. This very person is now designated to become the next ambassador of the United States, the EU’s  most important ally, friend and a long-time supporter of European integration, to the European Union. We believe, the EU cannot tolerate such an affront, particularly not from a partner with which we are united in close cooperation in our common support for democracy, the rule of law and stability on a global level.

We would like to recall that one of the core functions of an ambassador is to “promote friendly relations between the sending State and the receiving State, and develop their economic, cultural and scientific relations” as set out in Article 3, §1.e of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. An official US representative openly expressing his hostility towards European cooperation is definitively problematic for the future of transatlantic dialogue.

The young generation knows, Europe is our future. We are facing major challenges in Europe and in Europe’s neighbourhood which cannot be tackled adequately on the national level. European integration is our response to those challenges. European integration has been America’s recommendation to Europe for the past 50 years.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that the European Council, along with the European Commission, as representatives of the receiving state, reject a possible application for accreditation of Mr. Malloch as ambassador to the EU should President Trump have the audacity of designating him.