Local Europe - Remember Wall in Tuscany

Local Europe - Spread the message in Florence

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On July, 17th, JEF Florence will organize a special activity dedicated to rise the awareness of young italian citizens (coming from all over Tuscany Region) on topics like nationalism, intolerance, extremism and lack of democracy and civil rights, to support the dialogue on the future of the European Union, to “contaminate” as many people as possible with our interest for the project of the “founding fathers” of the European Union, to inspire them to care of their own future.

The activity will take place in an inspiring venue (on the top of the hills where the Resistance movement fought Fascism at the end of the Second World War) and during a week-long Summer School dedicated to the future of the European integration process. Students gathering from the whole Region will be guided by some Professors and some Young European Federalists through a “Dialogue on Tolerance” that will build a connection between the European scenario of the end of the Second World War and the values and achievements of the Union in which we live now. Part of the activity will be focused especially on the past and the present of the concept of tolerance in Europe and on the advancements that the Union and its Institutions advocated for (also some multimedia contents will be showed e.g. great “no hate” speeches); the last part of the activity will be focused more on the future of the life of the concept of tolerance in the European framework: each participant will be asked to write on a (paper) wall what in her/his opinion Europe and Europeans must remember in order to keep being a lighthouse for the Continent and the world when it comes to promote the development of peace, human rights and social progress.

We hope that the creation of a “Remember to…” wall that will contain all the thoughts and hopes of the participants related to the future of the Union and the actions that its institutions and citizens should promote will show them how much a united Europe (built on values like peace, anti-fascism, anti-xenophobia, protection and development of human rights, solid and democratic Institutions) can make the difference in their future of responsible citizens!