Local Europe - JEF Spain

In JEF Spain we have developed a "Campaign for more solidarity in Europe" to promote a more tolerant Europe whose main value is the solidarity among the people in Europe. We have devoted several actions to make the Spanish public conscious about the need of more dialogue within Europe and giving more importance to the values of tolerance and solidarity. In particular we have concentrated our scope in what European citizens can do and how they can use the tool the new treaty of Lisbon puts into their hands so that they can be an active player in bringing solidarity forth in Europe.

After the online campaigns we have launched several actions. The kick off activity has been a presentation made in the University and recorded to be distributed on social media to introduce the need of more solidarity in Europe and the use of the European Citizens Initiative to do so. The act has been presented by Julián Pavón, and there we could count with the ex-President of the European Parliament Enrique Barón, the vice-President of the European Movement in Spain, Francisco Aldecoa, the leader of the European Socialist Activists in Madrid, Horacio Diez, and the President of JEF Spain, Óliver Soto.

After this kick off event we have developed two street actions, where we have distributed leaflets and have informed citizens directly about the need to support more solidarity among the European peoples.

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