Local Europe - JEF Pescara “The consequences of intolerance”

Book readings to raise awareness about intolerance in the past and today

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20th and 27th of September 2014 , Pescara

The event is structured into two appointments. Both of them received the patronage and the support from the Municipality of Montesilvano (Pescara), that is also supplying the venues. Another partner is the bookstore “On the Road – Libreria Interno 4”. Every appointment will foresee a public reading of two pieces selected from two books (for a total of 4 pieces) dealing with the topic chosen. After every reading, the 3 speakers invited for the event will share with the audience their thoughts about the pieces, adding other details on the topic, according to their experience, knowledge and sensitivity. After that, there will be space for a general debate with the audience. The

overall estimated duration is of 120'. The aim is to raise awareness, among the civil society, about intolerance and its consequences. The selected topics are indeed about the situations of European Countries in which intolerance, nationalism and similar processes led to war in recent times.

Find the detailed program of the event below (in ENG and IT).