Local Europe - JEF Catalunya

JEF CATALUNYA for a tolerant and united Europe!

The last European elections have shown the increase of extremist ideas in the context of crisis. Therefore, the Young European Federalists in Catalonia have started activities to make people aware of the importance to build up a tolerant society to fight against extremism and the decline of civil rights.

The activities are focused on the current obstacles that hinder the building of a more tolerant and solidary Europe. Our first task was to ask to the young people what the main topics regarding tolerance and Europe they were the most worried about. Immigration in Europe was one of the main topics chosen. For this reason, on Thursday 2nd October a young dialogue about immigration and tolerance in Europe will take place in the center of Barcelona.

A meeting will be held with young people, youth and other organizations that work in the area of immigration and tolerance. During the first part of the dialogue an expert in the area of immigration and UE policy Elena Sánchez Montijano, who is a researcher fellow at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB) as well as a professor at Pompeu Fabra University and last but not least other representatives of NGOs will share their knowledge and expertise. Afterwards, a debate will be opened among all the participants.

On the following day, we will set a table to the University where we hope to spread the message among students and further discuss how we can participate to build a more tolerant Europe.