Les Jeunes Européens - Rennes - Europæisk Ungdom Aarhus, July 10th-14th, Aarhus (DK)

 In March 2018, Les Jeunes Européens – Rennes agreed with Europæisk Ungdom Aarhus to set up a twinning in between their two sections and from July 10th to 14th, they went for a visit to their twin section in Denmark.  

The twinning with Europæisk Ungdom Aarhus was divided into two parts. First, they were in Aarhus, where they met  members of the local section. They both presented their section and their main activities. They also enjoyed the city of Aarhus and took part of their events. Then, they  went, with the local section of Aarhus, to the Summer Camp of Europæisk Ungdom Denmark. They had very interesting conferences about for example the benefit of an associative engagement in a professional life, the next European election, Brexit, or the work in the European commission.

Europæisk Ungdom Aarhus  is planning a trip back, in Rennes. In the meantime, few members of the local section of Aarhus attended the Bike tour organised in August in the framework of Europe on Road (“Europe En Vacances”)

One advice they can share is to have one person in each local section who oversees the twinning. Of course, she/he can have help but it’s easier for the communication.