The JEUniP and the JEBBerlin/ Brandenburg meet twice!

16.05 – 20.05 in Paris and 5. 06 – 10. 06 in Berlin

The JeUniP team (Jeunes Européens Universités de Paris) is one of the three Parisian sections of the JEFers – we are all students at the university, most of us in political science, law or European studies. This year, we have been very dynamic and we have given a great impulsion to the JeUniP section. Given the fact that 2014 is the year of the EU elections, we oriented our programs in order to spur citizens on to go voting. For instance, we made interventions at schools and talked about the role of the Europarliament, we towed on the street about the elections, we organized conferences with political parties. We thought it would be really productive to make an exchange with the JEFers from Berlin. That way, we wanted to think together about fruitful strategies to attract people’s awareness on the EU and on the elections. One of the main reasons is that we are a European association, but most of time we only discuss under French people – and with this twin exchange with the JEFers from Berlin we put in place in spring 2014, we could meet and debate under Europeans and better broadcast the experience of Europe, which we found an extremely enriching experience. 

1) In Paris: Get ready for the EU elections!

  • Seminaries to explain each other our actions to get people’s awareness on the EU
  • The European Village in Paris, 17th of May: we all talk to people in the street to remind them how important this is to go voting on May, the 25th 2014! The Germans are professional and add a European voice to this event; which French passer-by is able to pronounce correctly SCHLOSSGARTENBESITZER? ‘bless you! Our JEF France president Chloé Fabre dances in Europe’s honour!

2) Berlin: After the elections, the discussions!

  • We debate about the EU results at the House of the EU Parliament in Berlin with Anna Schneider from the JEB Berlin/Brandenburg and Manuel Müller.
  • Thinking about populism: Germans and French compare the right extremist parties Front National (FN) with Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).

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