JEF Milano & JEF Lyon Twinning

Bridging Europe: Milano – Lyon Twinning Project

Milano, October 2-4

The Milano – Lyon twinning project was set in motion at the beginning of 2015: the two partner sections have been meeting via Skype to discuss on possible initiatives and we decided we couldn’t miss the chance to meet us in person.

The first part of the exchange project finally saw the light of day: on the 2nd of October, ten Jefers from Lyon arrived in Milano and joined the Italian Jefers on a three-days seminar. For the occasion, we organized a visit to the Universal Exposition in Milano, while on the following day, a workshop was hold to discuss on the Expo themes: sustainable development, management of the Planet’s resources, inequalities between World areas and within society.

Saturday afternoon was dedicated to exchange of best practices on public actions, training and the different approaches to the reflection on federalism, as well as to some proposals for the future development of the twinning. Some of the new tools we mean to implement are a collection of the best and most effective actions that were realized by our twin sections in the last years, a twinning mailing list and a Facebook group to share articles and essays on federalist thought, along with periodical meetings to continue the debate on current topics.

We also had the chance to put in practice what we had discussed during a street action in the city centre.

On the last day, we focused on the ongoing debate between European countries concerning possible future steps in the process of strengthening and deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union, that remains mostly an unwritten path.

We are proud to say the seminar has been a unique opportunity to discuss and learn, as well as an enriching experience both on political and human side. The workshops were fruitful and gave birth to a debate that will last in the coming months, through an online exchange of material and articles. We collected many ideas and we are looking forward to start working on the next exchange project, waiting for the moment we will meet in Lyon next spring.

See the photos from the meeting here