JEF Europe on the situation of Catalunya

JEF Europe calls for the respect of the rule of law, condemns violence against citizens and calls for a political solution.

JEF Europe is deeply saddened by the tense situation that we are currently facing in Spain, in which the citizens in Catalonia seem more divided than ever. JEF Europe underlines that there is no place in Europe for violence against citizens.

We recognise the sensitivity of the issue, having JEF members engaged on both sides of the conflict. Uniting JEF Catalonia and JEF Spain with all their ideological diversity behind our common goals has always been a sign of our identity and strength. We recall the need for dialogue, mediation and a political solution.

We urge the Catalonian government to adhere to the rule of law and accept constitutional processes as those are at the basis of the European political order. We also urge the Spanish government to acknowledge the need to engage in earnest political dialogue on this matter.

While the referendum must be considered invalid, the political will of a substantial part of the Catalans cannot be entirely ignored. Legal and political channels of dialogue must be opened immediately in order to find pragmatic solutions accounting for the cultural diversity in Spain.

The European Founding Fathers conceived a revolutionary project based on overcoming historical and cultural disputes and confrontations to build a Europe of peace and understanding among all its citizens, by abandoning the defence of national identities, to move towards a common project of citizenship, rights and freedoms. We hope the question of Catalonian autonomy can be resolved in this spirit.