JEF Europe – International Seminar “Fight back! Rallying forces and getting into action” June 30th – July 4th, Saariselkä, Lapland, Finland

“Fight back! Rallying forces and getting into action” is the third seminar of the 2018 “Fight back: Youth civil society in endangered democracies” working plan of JEF Europe. It aims at addressing the worrying, recent trends of shrinking civic space in many European democracies and the various attacks by governments on civil societies organisation.

This third seminar is meant to address another aspect of the fight against weakened civil rights. Participants would gain specific competences in campaign and community building. 

How will we work?
The methodological approach of the seminar will ensure that the principles of non-formal education are fully respected. This means that the participants will be offered possibilities to be fully engaged in planning and achieving their learning, through various experiential processes, small group work, expert input and open debates. Related to the inputs provided by external speakers, JEF Europe and JEF Finland ( Eurooppanuoret) will ensure that the speakers who will come to address the participants with their expert input will be very experienced and able to engage youth in active and meaningful dialogue. 

Application procedure

Who is eligible to apply
: Young people aged 18-30 years who are citizens of one of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe + citizens of Belarus. Applications from non-eligible persons will not be taken into account.

Deadline to apply: Sunday, May  6th, 2018 23:59 CET**

Successful applicants will be contacted by Thursday, May 10th 2018 23:59 CET

Practical Information

Participation fee: €50
(5 scholarships of 50 EUR will be provided based on the quality of the response with the regard to the applicant's motivation.)

The participation fee covers full board and lodging during the seminar (June 30th  – July 4th). All meals are covered from Saturday dinner until Wednesday lunch. International seminar will start on Saturday 14:00 and will finish on Wednesday 15:00.

Travel reimbursement: 80% of the travel costs (up to max. 150€)

JEF Europe will only issue travel reimbursement by bank transfer and upon presentation of all original travel documents after the end of the seminar.

For more details, read the entire call