European political parties and European elections

As adopted by the Federal Committee in Leuven, Belgium, 2012


Considers that while abstention in European elections has reached an alarming level, European political parties have failed to play a consistent role in the view of building a real European public space and providing the European Parliament with stronger legitimacy, which is necessary in order to achieve a true political union of the Continent;

Remarks that European political parties should act as any other political party in the Member States: recruit supporters, elaborate a political program along with a consistent strategy and present their candidates at European elections;

Expresses its concern with reference to the strong opposition perpetrated by some European political parties concerning the setting of transnational lists for the next European Elections;

Acknowledges with concern that the reality is still far from the major principles set out in the Treaties according to which European political parties are supposed to “contribute to forming European political awareness and to expressing the will of citizens of the Union” in order to establish a true European representative democracy (Art. 10 of the Treaty on the European Union).

Bearing in mind the principles of freedom of association and expression,

JEF-Europe demands the European political parties to:

  • Nominate their candidate for President of the Commission before each European election whilst at the same time involve their members so they can participate directly in this decision through internal primaries;

  • Organize the systematic participation of activists with respect to crucial choices such as the main political lines and strategies, the choice of their representatives and alliances;

  • Authorize membership in a European political party regardless of whatsoever nationalpolitical party affiliation.

In addition, JEF-Europe asks the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers of the European Union to:

  • Strengthen European political parties both in terms of the nomination process of candidates to present at the European elections and as far as their financial resources to this campaign are concerned;

  • Grant a special legal status to European political parties;

  • Fully support and vote in favour of the reform about transnational lists since it would be a great step forward towards the inception of a true pan-European democracy and would contributed to a more proportional allocation of seats in the EU Parliament, bearing in mind the entry of Croatia in July 2013.