Call for Sections: Faker Fighters Regional Schools

We are launching the call to host one of our three regional schools on media literacy, critical thinking and fighting disinformation, in the framework of the “Faker Fighters” Work Plan 2019 supported by the Council of Europe European Youth Foundation. The aim of the work plan is to raise awareness amongst participants about the fight against disinformation, and to provide a better understanding of the media landscape in Europe.

How does a regional school look like?
Regional school is a seminar taking place during 4 days that is held anytime until the end of October 2019. These regional activities aim to bring together around 16-20 participants per event, ideally from neighbouring countries, to be selected on an open call organised by the section.

All financial obligations will be taken care of by JEF Europe
. Precise arrangements of financial matters will be discussed on an individual basis with the selected sections. Co-funding from the hosting section is also very welcome (but not compulsory).

JEF Europe will be responsible for the selection of trainers, the preparation of the training materials and the content of the activities.

The section will need to ensure the logistical support for the organisation of the event. This will include:

  • Booking full board accommodation (three meals per day) and venues
  • Opening the call for participants and handling the selection process
  • Communication tasks with participants before the training
  • Preparing info-packs for participants
  • Organisation of social activities for participants
  • On the ground support with a team of volunteers

Those sections willing to host one of the regional schools are strongly encouraged to express their interest as soon as possible by sending an email to Sonja Afanasjeva ( and Irene Queralt (

 Interested sections are also advised to provide a short proposal of the venue, timing and estimated financial cost for the activity. All details will be furthered discussed on an individual basis as soon as we get the expression of interest.

Please, feel free to contact Sonja Afanasjeva ( and Irene Queralt ( for any inquiries.

Final Deadline: 22 May 2019