[Call for experts] “Shape Europe” policy hackathon design and implementation

The Youth of European nationalities (YEN) and Young European Federalists (JEF Europe) are looking for two experts in the area of policy hackathon design and organization to support their work towards the improvement of the EU decision-making process.


About the project

The project “Y-FED: Europe is what we make of it” aims to bring the EU closer to its young citizens by developing a proposal for an improved institutional framework of the Union in line with the European Youth Goals. The initiative, supported by an Erasmus+ “European Youth Together” grant, will be implemented in the years 2020-2021 through a series of capacity-building training courses, public policy hackathons, a large-scale simulation of a reformed EU and advocacy actions. The project partners comprise 18 civil society organisations as well as 2 networks of European and regional decision-makers.


The main aims are to:

  • Bring the EU closer to its citizens by raising awareness of the EU institutional framework and advocate for its reform based on young people's recommendations. 
  • Raise awareness of the European Youth Goals (EYGs) and support their implementation by embedding them in the reformed EU institutional model and bringing them from the European to the local level. 


About the Hackathons

The “Shape Europe” hackathons are planned to happen in 5 different European countries, aiming at gathering young people and local stakeholders at one place. There will be 3 stages of the implementation of the hackathons:


  1. Training for organisers of the hackathons in Berlin, Germany between 19-22 March 2020 in order to create a pool of 20 experienced young activists who will organise a hackathon in one of the targeted 5 countries.
  2. Five 24h hackathons happening between May and August 2020, each involving around 35 people, during which the participants will find solutions to make the EU closer to its citizens and more democratic, therefore providing inputs for Y-Fed Youth Simulation. The main aim is to think of how the European Institutions should work in order to be more accountable to the citizens' vote and more democratic. The hackathons will be 24h intense challenges with All the 5 Hackathons will be linked online with streams from the 5 different cities and space for online consultations on different questions with young Europeans from all around the continent.
  3. Online consultations with around 1000 young people on the results of the hackathons


The series of five “Shape Europe” hackathons will allow young people to address a chosen European issue and “hack” the EU decision-making process with the aim to make it more effective in solving the discussed problem. The outcomes of the hackathons will support the development of an alternative EU decision-making model, which will be tested during a large-scale simulation during the later stage of the project. 


Tasks and responsibilities of the expert

  • Provide the expertise regarding hackathons (design, particularities, organisation) to the trainers of the Training for Organisers (19.-22. March 2020 in Berlin) - ideally on spot, if needed online.
  • Provide the expertise on hackathons to the participants of the Training for Trainers (19.-22. March 2020 in Berlin) by delivering an input or leading one session (mandatory for one of the two experts).
  • Design the ground framework of 5 “Shape Europe” Hackathons and support their implementation with expertise and advice.
  • Cooperate with the Training for Organisers organizers and trainers and have regular communication with them.
  • Support with advice and expertise the local organisers of the 5 shape hackathons in the organisation of the content part of the hackathons



  • Experience in organising policy hackathons / creative lab events.
  • Good understanding of the EU decision-making process and knowledge of recent EU policy developments.
  • Preferably familiarity with the European Youth Goals (EYGs).
  • Knowledge non-formal education methodologies is an asset.
  • Ability to contribute to work in an intercultural team of experts and trainers.
  • Ability to respect deadlines.
  • Fluency in English, both oral and written.



  • A fee of 1500 euros paid to the experts for the duration of the contract, comprising approximately 15 working days in the period between March-June 2020, depending on mutual agreement.
  • Travel reimbursement to and from the training for organisers in Berlin.


How to apply?

If interested, please send your CV and motivation letter to office@yeni.org and elitsa.hadzhieva@jef.eu by 29th February 2020 23:59 CET.

Please include "Policy hackathon expert” in the subject title.