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5 Proposals to preserve Schengen

JEF-Europe recently stood in defense of the Schengen Agreement with the #DontTouchMySchengen campaign. Here there is a list of proposals that JEF-Europe has elaborated in order to improve some of the situations that caused Schengen to be at risk and to proceed towards a safer, more democratic and more integrated Europe.

  1. Give the European Commission the appropriate tools to strictly control the suspensions of the Schengen Agreement made by Member States. The current definition of “national security” is unclear and can be easily misinterpreted or abused.

  2. Implement a European border force for external borders. Under the control of the European Parliament, this force would fight against organised crime, human trafficking and all other illegal offences crossing the national borders of EU Member States.

  3. Implement single migration and asylum policies, in the framework of a single foreign affairs policy that respects international humanitarian law and human rights.

  4. Create a single European migration agency, to implement EU migration and asylum policies

  5. There should be no more internal borders in the EU;  free travel should be a right of every EU citizen. The implementation of the above common policies will allow all EU Member States to join and respect the Schengen Agreement.
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