• Thousands of young people across the continent share a common goal: the creation of a closer and more democratic Europe. Becoming a member of your own local, regional or national section automatically gives you the right to benefit from the activities organised by JEF-Europe.

JEF Poland

JEF Poland (Europe United; Europa Zjednoczona) is a federation of autonomous federalist sections situated in cities throughout Poland and under the direction of JEF Poland’s presidents and founders Laura Krawczyk and Chris Bauer. 

Operating in English and Polish, JEF Poland has established a strong pro-European movement with which the Polish youth identify with and support. The current capacity of the organisation includes, but is not limited to: debates, formal conversations, clothing and medicine drives, media relations and availability of publication in journals, petitioning, international event collaboration, and social gatherings. This list has been growing proportionally to the substantial increase in membership.

JEF Poland has become a legitimate proponent of federalist initiatives via collaborating with European Movement Poland, the Executive Bureau of JEF Europe, and working as a partner of the office of the European Commission in Poland. Europe Direct and various political parties have afforded the organisation the opportunity of inviting members of the European Parliament to European-themed debates held in schools; by providing students an outlet and informing them of the federalist movement in Europe, JEF Poland has been successful in attracting many to its cause and in laying the infrastructure for the youth of Poland to fight for a federalist European Union.  

Laura Krawczyk President
Jérôme Nicolaï International Officer
Gosia Osypiuk Translator



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