• JEF is a supranational, politically pluralist youth NGO with about 30,000 members in over 30 countries. The goal of JEF is the creation of a democratic European federation as a guarantee for peace and more free, just and democratic society.

JEF ambassador for the Structured Dialogue

Marta Junqué will be the new JEF ambassador to the Structured Dialogue. She holds an MA in Public Management and is currently living between Brussels and Barcelona. She is involved in numerous social and political organisations, and worked as a public administration consultant for the last 5 years.

As the JEF ambassador to the Structured Dialogue, Marta will play a triple role. First, she will help JEF’s Political Commission on Internal European Policy (PC2) develop JEF policy regarding youth empowerment. Second, she will represent JEF’s positions during the three Structured Dialogue meetings (Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg) between June 2014 and December 2015. Finally, she will start discussions in JEF about youth empowerment policy and continuously keep us updated about the Structured Dialogue process via social media, the JEF-info newsletter and articles on The New Federalist.

The Structured Dialogue is a process of consultations and discussions between young people and European decision-makers. The topic of the next SD Cycle (June 2014 - December 2015) will be “Youth Empowerment”. The aim of these debates is to provide youth with the rights, opportunities and appropriate support to actively participate and to develop their fullest potential and to become responsible and active citizens.


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