• JEF is a supranational, politically pluralist youth NGO with about 30,000 members in over 30 countries. The goal of JEF is the creation of a democratic European federation as a guarantee for peace and more free, just and democratic society.

Executive Board

The Executive Board (EB) comprises the President, 2 Vice-Presidents, 4 directly elected members, the Treasurer and the Secretary-General. The EB meets 4 to 6 times a year and is responsible for the overall management of the organisation.

Christopher Glück, President
Leonie Martin, Vice President
Jacopo Barbati, Vice President
Simon Devos-Chernova, Treasurer
Emma Farrugia, Board member
Sebastiano Putoto, Board member
Camilla Walstad, Board member
Celine Geissmann, Board member
Valentin Dupouey, Secretary-General


The EB members each hold specific (1) organisational, (2) geographic and (3) thematic/political responsibilities which you can find below. They are always happy to answer to your questions so please feel free to contact them on [firstname].[lastname]@jef.eu!

Organisational responsibilities

• Strengthening the organisational development of JEF Europe via specific portfolios.
• Coordination of the preparation of the international seminars together with the organising section and the Secretariat.
• Preparation of, assistance to and follow-up on the work of the PCs and/or WGs assigned and participation in the PC’s and WG’s sessions during the FC meeting.

Geographical responsibilities

• Ensuring regular contacts with sections, among others, by exchanging detailed contact details.
• Encouraging sections to take part in different activities and contribute to JEF Europe’s work.
• Visiting the sections or taking part in their statutory meetings or activities, if possible.

Political/Thematic responsibilities

• Monitoring the policy areas assigned, writing articles on them and preparing press releases together with the Press responsible.
• Being the contact person for JEFers who have information on these policy areas or wish to discuss certain issues

Activity Report

40 years of JEF