• JEF presents to its members the ideal combination of "Politics & Fun" designing a wide variety of activities, such as international exchanges, campaigns and pan-European actions, for a new and stronger European Union that is able to rise to the cross-border challenges of our interconnected societies. 

Federalists Meet the MEPs | UEF - JEF Joint Pan-European Action

In continuation to the demands European Federalists have presented to the 2014 European election candidates, we now reach out to the new Parliament to present ourselves and the Federalist proposals to its new members.

Together with European Federalists everyone is invited to join in a joint UEF-JEF pan-European action and “Meet your MEPs” from now to the end of the year.

In particular all national, regional and local JEF & UEF sections are now able to organize meetings with their local MEP either bilaterally or along public discussion, seminar or conference.

You can find below the Action Kit with more information and tools you can adapt to your needs.

Click to download the Action Kit.